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How to Find Parts 
Click on the button in our left hand menu that?s related to the make of motorbike you own. For example to find parts for a Suzuki Motorbike use the ?Search for Suzuki Parts? button.

When you have clicked the appropriate button a listing of all of the models we have parts available for, will be shown including a visual image of the motorbike models. Motorbike models are shown with the newest and most popular models at the top of the search results this will make it quick and easy to identify your motorbike in the returned list.

Click on the 'Find all available parts for this model of bike' to have all the available fairing kits for the make and model of bike you picked returned in the search results.

At the top and bottom of each page is pagination so you can quickly navigate from page to page.

How to Use Our Quick Parts Finder 

  1. Choose your make of motorbike from the drop down list.
  2. Choose your model of motorbike from the drop down list, models will not be available until you choose your motorbikes make, from the drop down menu above.
  3. Select the years your bike was produced in the ?from? and ?to? fields.
  4. Enter some keywords: To make full use of our parts finder you can use combinations of keywords to search, an example is red & black or red and black if you want to find all kits with red and black in them. Or you can search by team name by entering ?lucky strike? to find Team Lucky Strike kits or ?rothmans? to find Rothmans Honda fairing kit themes. This makes finding the kit you?re looking for quick and easy as the search tool will only return the types of results you?re looking for.
  5. Click on Find Now and the search results will be returned.

Quick tip: You can search just using keywords without choose a make, model, or year and this will return kits from across our entire range with the characteristics you desire.

This article was published on Tuesday 19 January, 2016.
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