2008 -  KTM RC8 Race Fairing Kits

2008 - KTM RC8 Race Fairing Kits

Model:KTM RC8
Fits Years:2008-
Details:Produced from reinforced fiberglass matting, Includes Front Fender, Front Upper, Belly Pan & SBK Race Tail
Shipping Times: 10-15 Working days
Product ID: 115

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Race Fairing Kit - Bodywork Parts Supplied

All our fiberglass race fairing kits and race bodywork sets come with all the main panels required to get your bike back on the track. Each set includes a minimum of:

  • Front upper nose fairing
  • Belly pan (This fits directly to the top nose section and is a once piece design with a catch-pan enclosed base for oil containment in the advent of an engine failure)
  • SBK Race tail or SS standard seat tail
  • Front Guard

For many our race fairing kits and race bodywork we have product pictures showing what’s included with each race kit and some race fairing kits come with undertrays and other parts as pictured.

Race Bodywork Finish & Material's Used

All our fiberglass race fairing kits are produced from weaved fiberglass and come finished in a smooth gel coat finish and required very little work to get them ready for primer and undercoat. They are lightweight and flexible making them perfect for motorcycle trackday and raceday events.

All our race fairing bellypans are fully enclosed enabling them to catch all oil and coolant leaks to help you pass scrutineering on your race day.

We also sell a race upgrade kit for our race fairings that includes a clear screen and screen fasteners, D-Link quick release fasteners, extra Kevlar reinforcing on all edges and mounting points and a foam seat pad for kits with a race tail.

Fiberglass Race Fairing Kit - Fitting & Mounting

Fitting a full race fairing kit is a little different to fitting a standard ABS road fairing kit and requires you to have a level of technical ability and the ability to use several tools and think outside of the box.

All our fiberglass race fairing kits come with the holes undrilled but marked so you need to have somebody help you hold parts in the correct positions while you mark and drill in the correct mounting places.

To fully mount a set of fiberglass race bodywork panels you will require several new fasteners as many of the OEM factory fasteners will not be of much use to you. Ideally you need a handful of quick release D link race fasteners, Various bolts and washers as required and a race screen (clear is best) and screen fasteners. The idea is to measure twice and drill once.

If your bikes been damaged, fitting a race fairing kit may be extremely difficult or impossible due to bent mounting points, damaged subframes and stays. As an example, if a front fairing stay is bent to once side even by a few mm, midway down at the new join the mounting point and holes may well be out by 10-20mm making sure everything is in line is critical to success.

Our fiberglass race fairing kits and race bodywork are designed for standard headers and exhausts and for production racing and trackday use. We have tested and fitted all our kits to sportsbikes and superbikes with standard setups however if you have race headers or an exhaust system that’s sits lower than standard we cannot guarantee the fitment of one of our race belly pans.

Race Fairing Kit & Race Bodywork Shipping and Order Process

We ship all our race fairing kits and race body work panels direct from our factory to your door as this helps avoid unnecessary cost in shipping parts more than once and save you dollars on our end race fairing products. We hold most kits in stock and normally ship parts within 24hours of getting an order.

On the odd occasion, we may be in the middle of a production run or might not have a race kit or parts in stock due to customer requirements and this can add extra time to the order process but we will always notify you if this is the case.

Typically, we can pack and ship a race fairing kit within 5 -15 working days from our factory to your door. If you have a tight deadline due to an upcoming race day its best to email us using our contact form so we can confirm stock levels and delivery times for you.

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